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About Us

We would like to give you the chance to get to know us a little better...

Our Story...

Friendship Center for New Beginnings (FCNB) is a Christian outreach ministry to single mothers, and a

501(c)3 organization, which has a history of adapting successfully to the changing needs of single mothers in our community, since its foundation in 1983. Our mission is to empower single parent families to reach their full potential as individuals. We offer clients from the three counties of Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren, parenting education and material support items, at our facility here in the Hunterdon County seat of Flemington, and we have a further 300 clients visit our educational website from all over the nation. We are also invited each year to local high school health fairs, at which several thousand students have the opportunity to visit our booth (and they do, in great numbers!) for healthy relationship education, which encourages them with current research on the “success sequence”: finish high school, (and preferably graduate from college) and save sex for marriage.  Further, FCNB initiated a Community Marriage Policy, involving twenty-five local pastors who committed themselves to strengthening marriage, and lowering the percentage of divorces and separations by providing thorough premarital counseling, marriage enrichment seminars and small group activities, and offering help to couples in crisis, using FCNB’s comprehensive library – now being used extensively, and at no cost, by many churches and agencies in our neighborhood. The community benefits from this pro-active stance, as the majority of high schoolers now choose abstinence, marriages are strengthened, and those who are already single parent families become fulfilled and productive citizens.

Our Staff


Cathy, Peer Counselor